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When you think of India, what is the first thing that strikes your mind? Perhaps the population? As it is the second country in the world with the largest population. Besides that, India is exceedingly unique in its culture and traditions. For a country that is very enormous and colorful, it is definitely interesting to have a peek in their food culture.

Indian food is definitely well known all over the world, and it is defined as the most savory cuisine. You are not going to believe the love that Westerners have for Indian food. The United Kingdom’s national dish is “Chicken Tikka Masala” and that itself states how flavorsome and delicious Indian food is. Speaking of which, let’s slide down to the plate of India and explore the colorful flavors.

India is the “Spice capital” of the world. Hold on there! I agree that on a general note Indian food is usually considered “Spicy”, but the actual fact is that not every Indian dish is spicy. Indian food is known for its large assortment of dishes and its liberal use of herbs and spices. If you step out and head to your grocery store, you’re most likely going to find the most common Indian spices however it is definitely not going to taste like the “Indian food” unless you know the Indian recipe or the method of combining the ingredients and spices.

The spices that are used give Indian food its distinctively complex fragrance and flavor. For many Non-Indians, the fragrance of the food has always amazed them as any sort of dish always leaves a strong aroma that makes anyone’s mouth water.

Indian food consists of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. There are many highly popular vegetarian dishes and on the other hand, there are equally popular nonvegetarian dishes as well. Did you know that India is one of the top best countries for vegetarians people? A delicious meal called “Masala Dosa” is known as the top best vegetarian dish in the world, that you could relish.

“Masala dosa” is a South Indian ideal meal that is enjoyed by a big percent of people, whether it is Indians or Non-Indians. Every menu in Indian restaurants serves an endless variety of food items. As we know that “Chicken Tikka Masala” is the king of Indian food, in the same way, “Gulab Jamun” is the Queen of Indian dessert. It is well known and also the very first sweet dish that is introduced to people as an Indian dessert. Besides this, there is definitely a lot more colorful Indian dessert.

In the United States, the love for Indian food is rising and it is easily as popular as “Mexican food” or the “Mediterranean food”. In every corner of every city, you are sure to find an Indian restaurant. As Indian food is definitely Unique and carries a rare cultural taste, it is well-loved by the Americans. There are many Indian restaurants all over the States. And if you are located in Chicago, you can find the top Indian restaurants that will serve you the richest taste, the very polished ones are “Indian Xpress” and “Maharani Indian Restaurant”.

Both of these Indian restaurants carry a wide range of choices, which also includes Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. They serve authentic Indian breakfast as well as some amazing royal lunch/Dinner. “Indian Xpress” and “Maharani Indian Restaurant” makes it a pleasurable moment for anyone who visits them as they serve the original Indian taste along with their pleasant welcome and hospitality.

These restaurants also offer you the best of Indian appetizers, for a fact appetizers served in any Indian restaurant are the typically popular Indian street food. If you’re looking to explore or study Indian cuisine or perhaps if you’re looking for a chance to take the tastiest bite, these two Indian restaurants are definitely worth the visit.

While cooking Indian dishes, fresh ingredients are always used therefore it is simply always a pleasant choice. As Indian food involves making dishes from the scratch, it leaves less space for the use of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

This makes Indian cuisine way more healthier and delicious. Every meal is surely delicious as they contain different combinations of spices and ingredients but for most Indians, the food is always relished by using their hands. Using your hands to eat is also a proper table etiquette in India.

Therefore if you want to make the moment more adventurous with Indian food, you must try eating with your hands. As for now, to enjoy some fun loaded taste, you must definitely try visiting some Indian restaurants such as “Indian Xpress” and “Maharani Indian Restaurant” and give yourself the best treat.

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